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Tehom Tim
Milking machines spare parts

TEHOM TIM was founded in 2013. in Novi Sad and it is a successor company to ‘VACCA INŽENJERING’.

Most of our work is based on selling and repairing milking machines of all types and manufacturers. Also, we install and service all types and manufacturers of farms.

We sell, service and install milking equipment for cows, goats and sheep. Milking equipment includes all types of milking machines and parlors.

We are the representatives and dealers of ‘BARBAROS MOTOR’ from Turkey, a company that manufactures milking equipment.
Since we have a long-term experience with milking equipment, we have decided to cooperate with this manufacturer, because their products (vacuum pumps, electromotors, milk hoses, milking liners, buckets, seals, etc.) are produced in accordance with EU standards.

The most important thing to the ‘BARBAROS MOTOR’ company and to us, as their dealers, is the quality of milking. We have accomplished such high-level quality by using high quality vacuum pumps both for milking machines and high capacity farms (all types of parlors). Using pistol milking machines or low quality milking machines can cause cattle diseases, i.e. mastitis in dairy cattle.

Milking liners are also very important to us, because their quality affects both milking process and milk quality. We offer a wide range of milking liners, which includes all manufactures of milking machines who are represented in Serbia. Milking liners also affect the hygiene and milk quality.

We offer a wide range of spare parts for all types of milking machines: we offer silicone milking liners for cows, goats and sheep.

We install parlor (traditional cow-houses and haring bone) equipment on customer request.

We have been dealers of ‘SAC CHRISTENSEN’ from Denmark for 15 years, and their work is based on manufacturing parlor equipment.

Throughout our 42 years of experience we have installed over 60 small and medium-sized farms, and 6 farms for 600 cows.